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M. Jonathan Lee is an award winning English author. His debut novel, "The Radio" was nationally shortlisted in The Novel Prize 2012. His second novel, "The Page" went on to become the Amazon #5 most downloaded thriller. His third novel, the critically acclaimed "A Tiny Feeling of Fear" was released in September 2015. "Broken Branches", his fourth novel, will be released by Hideaway Fall in Spring 2017.

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“Hidden” – the documentary

12th May 2017

In mid-2016 we filmed a documentary that became “Hidden” which is loosely based on A Tiny Feeling of Fear. It was directed by Simon Gamble and features an honest appraisal of depression and anxiety. I hope it is a story of hope. I love this film, not because I’m in it, but because of the way […]

Spbeen a while

12th May 2017

Hi All I don’t think that spbeen is actually a word. I’m not sure how I go about getting it into the dictionary. I’ll add it to my list of things to do. So, just an update more than anything. We have a release date for my new novel, Broken Branches which appears to be […]

Huffington Post #4 and #5

12th May 2017

Hi everyone It’s been a while – which I’ll explain in a separate post in about 30 seconds. It’s Mental Health Awareness Week, and I’ve written two mental health pieces for the Huffington Post which I am proud to say have been published. The first deals with the role of ‘celebrity’ in helping to remove […]

Quick Tips for #NaNoWriMo

3rd November 2016

  First and foremost, if you are reading this when you should be writing and have become distracted, stop reading right away, and get on with your novel. If, however, you’ve arrived here because #NaNoWriMo is not quite working for you so far and you need a little nudge or an almighty shove, then read […]

York University Anthology at the City Screen – April 27th

26th April 2016

Just a quick note to say that if you are at a loose end tomorrow night (April 27th) at 8pm I am talking all things books and generally making a fool of myself in public. Come along to the City Screen in York and learn how not to publicly speak. Joff

Huffington Post #2

26th April 2016

Hi All Here’s the link to my second piece for the Huffington Post. Please share or pass it on if you think it may help someone. Joff  

A little about me…


So, I love writing. Which is a good thing, y’know being an author. I’ve had three novels published so far, and have signed a four book deal with my new publishers. A film deal hangs over “The Radio”. I live in a little mining town in the North of England with my little family of ahem, seven. We also have two cats and a dog.

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